The development can be sustainable only if it meets the needs of the present generations, without compromising the possibilities of the next ones to do the same

(Brundtland report, United Nations, 1987)

What do we mean by sustainable development?

Sustainable development is a process aiming at the achievement of environmental, economic, social and institutional improvement, both at a local and at a global level. This process, therefore, directly links the safeguard and value-enhancement of the natural resources to the economic and social aspects. Its objective is to try and meet the current generation’s needs, making sure the next generation can do the same.

Our certifications

The Valle Sacra sawmill has obtained the PEFC and the “Timber from the Turin province” certifications, tank to its capacity to increase the value and sustainability of the local timber.

PDF Certifications PEFC

The "Timber from the Turin province" brand.

This certification was created by the Turin provincial authorities and it ensures the use of timber coming from the woodland located within the Turin province area.
Further to the local origin of the timber, this certification also guarantees that the timber was transformed locally.
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The PEFC brand

The  PEFC brand (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) ensures the traceability of the wood products all long the transformation and distribution phases. It also guarantees that the timber used comes from a sustainable and responsible forest management.

Certification of structural elements made of wood

All structural elements made of solid wood and laminated timber that we use are certified by the Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici (High Council for public works).

PDF Certificazione Lavorazione Elementi Strutturali in Legno

PDF Certificazione Produzione Elementi Strutturali in Legno

Our guarantees

Our certifications guarantee the company’s steady commitment in the compliance with the fundamental criteria of the “sustainable development”, such as the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the local area.

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