Sawmill Valle Sacra supplies larch and chestnut poles ,stripped of bark, for various purposes: naturalistic engineering, rustic fencing, structures for vineyard and orchards.


Out technical department is at your disposal for any specific information or tailor-made estimates.

Chestnut: our timber.

Chestnut, a tree that is originally from the Mediterranean, provides a valuable timber, particularly durable and compact.

The perfect rooting, the elasticity and its high resistance to natural deterioration and dampness make it the ideal material for the production of barked poles.

The co-operative society also produces larch poles.



Our services:

Sawmill Valle Sacra can:
  • supply poles made to measure upon your requests;
  • supply materials tied into bundles with metal clamps, with a specific weight, useful for transport purposes;
  • supply poles sawn lengthwise;
  • upply pointed poles;
  • supply the material by lorry equipped with a loading crane.



Diameter range:
4-6 cm
6-8 cm
8-10 cm
10-12 cm
12-15 cm
15-17 cm
18-20 cm
20-25 cm
25-30 cm
12x12x160 cm
Larch average duration: about 15 years old
Chestnut average duration: about 30 years old

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  • Paleria 8
  • Paleria 7
  • Paleria 6
  • paleria 5
  • Paleria 4
  • paleria 3
  • Paleria 2
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