Our Flooring

Wood flooring made of chestnut and solid oak. The boards are finger-jointed lengthwise.
Width: 22 mm and 40 mm
Wood flooring made of chestnut and oak to be nailed down. The boards are finger-jointed both at the two ends and lengthwise.
Thickness: 23 mm
Length: from 250 to 2500 mm
Width: from 90 to 150 mm
Timber: Chestnut and oak
Possible finishing: brushing and chamfering on the four angles to be nailed down.

Pre-finished wooden flooring

Pre-finished wooden flooring. Oak, 2 or 3 layers.
Thickness: 16 mm
Length: from 1500 to 2400 mm
Width: from 160 to 200 e 220 mm
Pre-finished wooden flooring. Oak, 3 layers.
Thickness: 20 mm
Length: from 1500 to 3000 mm
Width: 120/160/200/240/280 mm

Outdoor decking

The beauty of the timber, ready to go outside.

We create floors made of solid wood splines, perfect to be used outdoor. The timber employed is extremely resistant, long-lasting and weather-proof.

The use of first-choice local raw materials and a careful ongoing attention during the whole installation phase, ensure two essential qualities to our flooring: stability and resistance.

Timber: chestnut and ash.
Processing: heat treatment.

Our types of flooring :

  • Castagno
    Castagno spazolato, bisellato con olio incolore.
  • Castagno Scuro
    Castagno Scuro spazzolato, bisellato con olio incolore
  • Rovere Nodino
    Rovere Nodino
  • Rovere Rustico
    Rovere Rustico con olio incolore
  • Rovere super Rustico
    Rovere super Rustico con olio incolore

Our realizations: